Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Animal Rights Group Protest in Brookline

Yesterday I went to coolidge corner to do my grocery. When I was waiting for T, I saw many people gathered in front of a store. All of them held signs of slogans like “No One Looks Good in Furs” and “Fur Belongs to Animals.” I went closer and found the store was a fur retailer called Harris, Klaff, & I.J. Fox. I found it can be a news story, so I put down my stuff and went to those people to get some statements.
I interviewed a middle-aged man, Walter Zigers, he said that those people were from MARC, Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition, which is an organization that holds many protests for animal rights. Mr. Zigers said that each year there are tens of thousands of animals are killed brutally for their furs (like being skinned alive), but only a small part of their furs will be used on making clothing. Most of them are small animals with soft furs, such as lynx, fox and sable.

It is an embarrassing thing to have a lot of people protesting in front of your store, the workers in I.J. Fox refuse to have any statements. They closed the door and had a security guard standing near the window. The protest ended at about 3 p.m., Mr. Zigers said that the MARC will hold more protests in February.
When I went back to the place I put my stuff, someone stole my milk and vegetable > <, I just left them for 15 minutes!!